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How Fashion Makes its Statement in Music Festivals Today
Image 01/01/2019 Fashion Harry Hahn

Fashion at Festivals

Leading brands today are reaping heavily from festival extravaganza. We are familiar to the sight of girls wearing suede boots, shorts and cut jeans. On social media, its no surprise seeing a flower-crowned girl showering under the desert sun. It’s no surprise the new theme is fringe. The festival style is now omnipresent, and fashion has significantly capitalized on it. Fashion seems to be capitalizing greatly on large-scale music events that have earned it a distinct dress code.

Some of the designs worn at popular festivals are replicas of what the older generation wore back in the day. In some cases, it dates back to the grandparents. This is what forms a big part of the ironical fashion word which is highly unpredictable.

The editor inboxes are full of pitches highlighting the essentials or the must-haves in the festivals. A monotonous parade is themed around fringe and denim. Everyone wants to be wearing the latest trendy or fashionable bra that remains stylish throughout the season.


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This passing decade, music festivals have no distinct theme. At times there are rush kicks while in others the situation reaches a fever pitch. When the situation involves hype and retail, you will notice a dip in the excitement after a few months. In some states, there are fashion brand parties which are sponsored by a major brand. That way, the dressing for the event will tend to depict what products are hot with the brand during the season.

Some of the most renown festivals began as a single day event after which they gradually became permanent. It is no surprise that lots of eager fans will save up during the other seasons as they look up to the main event. The attendance in music-themed festivals across the country is huge. Ticket sales go in the hundreds of thousands, and tens of millions of dollars are raised in revenue.

Modern music has never been so close to the consumer thanks to the internet. That means the entertainers have to make their performances interesting to get the fans out into the festivals. That is why most artists have personal social media handles where they connect directly with their fans. Many prefer gin to festivals so they can avoid screen saturation and focus on a more engaging real-life experience. Also, when out and about, you can meet new people, discover new cultures, share perspectives and much more. That s what festivals are all about.

Evolution of Festivals

Today’s festivals are a lot more than a band playing on-stage. Some popular festivals offer a farmers market corner and kids playing zone. Others offer comedy performers accompanied by a 40-foot water slide activity. The idea behind everything is the presentation, from the venue all the way to the surrounding atmosphere. Be careful with what you eat and drink too.

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Social media has fueled the rise in festivals as people can continuously document what is happening on-stage. They can also check out what their friends are up to. …